Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who is Scott Brodeur?

Scott Brodeur is a regular contributor to masslive.com blogs. A lot of his contributions to his blog have to do with music. Perhaps this is related to the fact that he is in his own band called Storybox. Storybox just recorded a new album called "Empty Canvas." Amazon.com has a CD called "The Sardinista! Project" that he contributed to.

He is a husband who reluctantly owns two cats. He resides in Northampton, MA, making him my neighbor. He is originally from New Jersey but has lived in Northampton for at least a decade.

He teaches at UMass, I found numerous Convergence Journalism blogs from his former students.

We share a common friend on facebook, a formerly avid Northampton blogger, Paolo Mastrangelo. Brodeur has been called the "Godfather of Western, MA Blogging". He is a founding editor-in-chief of Masslive.com and helped to launch the website NJ.com in 1996. He is the Managing Editor at Advance Internet.

Back in '03 Gregory Tulonen called him "desperate" for link backs because Brodeur kept writing about his nurse books.

As a writer he is known for writing about a variety of subjects including sports, music and pop culture. His work has been in Billboard, Paste, The Source, and The Philadelphia Inquirer among others.

It seems highly unlikely, but google tells me that Brodeur joined the Society of Jesus in 1980. I doubt it's the same guy.

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