Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Screen Printing

The above is a concert poster by Peter Cardoso at Ghost-town.net.

I'm taking a screen printing class this semester just for fun. I am amidst my first project. I've written my artist's statement and am now designing my image. Last Wednesday our teacher, Sarah Purnell, gave us a demo on the entire process. A bit more complicated than I thought, but still pretty easy. It has taken me a class and a half to just get done taping my screen (yes with some tape) and getting a couple nice gashes in my fingers.

What inspires me most to try this medium is concert posters. I love going to a concert and being able to buy a numbered and signed print for that tour or specific show. Usually they're only between $5 and $12. That's what is so great about screen printing, many people can have the same art work, but it is still limited. And more important than anything, it is art that is accessible to real people. Real people can shell out between $5-$100 for a nice print, but the odds of a regular person having $4000 to drop on a painting is slim.

Peter Cardoso of the Ghost Town Rhode Island studio is a screen print artist who's work I've been able to buy. I framed his prints and put them in my living room.

Here is a video of an artist doing a second color pull on a concert poster.

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