Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Is there anything as great as receiving a mixtape from a friend or flame? I think not.
I also think it is so gratifying to finally finish what you consider to be a perfect tape(CD nowadays) for someone.

I've made CDs for my ex, I've made them for my car, I've made them for my friends after they were dumped. The music that is on a mixtape can really set a mood and burn memories into your brain.

I can never hear The Beatles "Got to Get You Into My Life" without thinking of the first mix my ex ever made for me. Certain songs bring me back to a specific time in my life.

The past couple weeks I worked on a mix for someone in Seattle. It should arrive on Thursday and I eagerly await his reaction!

The website Cassette From My Ex lets people post the story of a love affair and post the audio file of each side of a mixtape to the site. It's really fascinating to see what other people put on mixes for those they care about.

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