Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Huff Post vs. Drudge Report

First off, stylistically, the Drudge Report's layout is HORRIFIC compared to the Huffington Post. Though I really don't like either of the layouts. The Drudge Report seems to be arranged with no rhyme or reason.

For the most part the Drudge Report seems to only link out to other websites news stories. The Drudge Report seems to be a lot more casual in their appearance and word choice. The first link I came across just says "WHAT'S UP?!"

Huffington post writes their more of their own posts. Huffington seems a lot more legitimate to me. Huffington makes better use of media on their front page as well. And, oh yeah, Huffington's founder is a womannnnn, grrl power or something?

Overall I like Huffington better. Huffington Post has superior organization skills, and there seems to be more original content.

With both I felt sort of overwhelmed on the front page. There is too much going on. Drudge Report seems less biased.

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