Friday, September 12, 2008

Britney's Back?

I sat in my apartment last Sunday cursing the fact that I only have $7 cable. With no MTV, I couldn't catch Britney Spears' appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. A video surfaced on the internet a few weeks ago showing her and dancers in a studio kicking some dance floor ass to a new song.

After last year's disaster, I was renewed with a hope that Britney would be back, (bitch?). Later Sunday evening when MTV started posting clips from the VMAs I learned that Brit didn't even perform as rumored.

She did however win three moon men. She won the night's biggest honor, Video of the Year, Best Female Video, and Best Pop Video. She also kicked off the VMAs, introducing the 25th show.

So I was happy for her, but these awards were all for her video "Piece of Me." The video is OK, but I think she's done better work. She was nominated for 16 moon men in the past and never once won. Surprising considering her career was much better years ago. I feel like it was almost like they gave her pity awards this year, or it was payback for burning her all the other years.

Also after 2 kids, she was in amazing shape, especially in comparison to last year. This year she looked confident, healthy and happy. I know that last year I told everyone I was sure she was making a comeback, but I really think it's gonna happen this year.


Melissa said...

Britney's back (bitch) ha! or maybe, she's not. I think your point about how she won three moon men for a rather mediocre video was spot on. But there's no way in hell MTV would've allowed Brit Brit another opening performance considering the fiasco from last year. I think they did well by giving her what they did.

She kinda reminded me of Jimmy Fallon and his inability to keep a straight face during a skit though when she was doing her thing with the guy from "Superbad."

Andrea Murray said...

Yes ha. Jonah Hill from Superbad. Britney is terrible at comedy.

I just think it's sort of condescending to give awards when they aren't due. And to have shunned her in the past.

I was shocked when I heard the rumor that she would play this year. When I saw the practice video I was pretty excited though.

Anonymous said...

How much did Britney have to pay MTV to have then help her get her career back on track? I love stalking Britney with the rest of America, but come on, 3 awards were definitely not due. Pity vote!

Andrea Murray said...

Pity for sure.

I feel like MTV thinks they need her. She is such a media star that if they help her get back on track it could help them maybe?

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