Friday, September 19, 2008

Misery Business

So I lied, I thought I wouldn't be posting Saturday. But here I am up after 12 am at my friend's before we depart for NYC tomorrow. But he just inspired me to post before I go to bed.

The past couple weeks I have finally been giving Paramore a listen to because of him. The song "Misery Business" is a very catchy song from their second release entitled Riot! . Easily my favorite. When I got to his place tonight he had made this music video for the song.

He plays all members of the band in the video. Which he made in only a little over a day.

Brian Babineau is a graphic designer by profession but he makes music videos and short movies for fun. He's been on youtube for years and has a bit of a following. For good reason too! His videos are always really fun and creative. Check out his vids!

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