Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PC vs. Mac

PC vs. Mac
The Holy War

My Ibook G4 and I have just had our four year anniversary. I celebrated by giving her an extra 1GB Ram and she is now running faster than ever. Oh sure, 5 years ago, maybe I did not picture myself with a Mac, but now I am sure it was the right decision.

There are a few main reasons that convinced me to switch to Macs. First, I went to Massart for my first year of college. Where the entire school runs on Macs, and you would be pretty screwed if you didn't have one. So in my search for a college laptop I went with the Mac. But I didn't just let them peer pressure me into it. I looked at the facts.

Only one fact really concerned me, and that was that Macs DO NOT GET VIRUSES. Did you hear me? That is not a lie. Never have I got one in four years, and the basic reason is that no one bothers to make them. Hackers don't bother with Macs because they are the underdog. They sit in their little hacker lairs all day just dreaming about ways to make Bill Gate's, and PC users lives more miserable than they already are. PCs account for 90% of personal computers. So why bother with Steve Jobs, right?

But in addition to this, Macs are really great for dealing with media, which has proved useful in my journalism endeavors. Once you get used to the different set up, Macs really are more user friendly.

Many times over the past 4 years I have unfortunately had to touch a PC. Whenever I get on one, there is inevitably a new patch for the system. Why didn't they just make it right in the first place? Geez. Also, transferring files from an old computer is an infinitely more complicated task on PCs.

So I'm not going to put voodoo curses on you if you have a PC, but it's your own virus ridden grave you're digging.

These Mac commercials are pretty funny too. Better than the new Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld commercials.


Stella said...

yeeees macs all the way!

My dad worked in computers and was an avid PC user for years... I, of course, was never allowed to get a Mac because of this. Then, my boyfriend and personal experience with Macs in the library + a traumatic experience with a PC led me to the dark side..

I love my mac!!

Andrea Murray said...

once you go Mac, you never go back.

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