Friday, September 5, 2008

Blackle is a new search engine. It's just like Google, but the website is black.

The reasoning behind this is that it takes more power for a monitor to display a primarily black (dark) screen as opposed to a white (light) screen. A theory from a blog post in 2007 prompted the idea that a black Google would save 750 Mega-Watts of energy per year because of the popularity of white Google.

The webpage offers you new energy saving tips everytime it is opened. The basic idea is to get everyone possible to set as their homepage.

Even if you only open once per day, a little bit of energy is saved. That can really add up.

This video on youtube where a man did some research as to if blackle works is very interesting.

Turns out that blackle only works on CRT monitors, but not on LCD monitors.

But it does get you thinking, small efforts could really add up.

Looks like I'm changing my homepage. Blackle does look really cool at the least. is a mock of Greenle is out by Google, and sends the message that Blackle really isn't helping.

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