Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I'm sitting at the Collegian after finishing my layout. You know what it's time for? Sudoku!

Sudoku is something that I never thought I'd like. But to my surprise, when a friend showed me how to do it in late August, I LOVED IT. And I hate numbers, I hate math etc. The only thing that is really involved is logic.

I've even bought a Puzzle Lovers Sudoku book.

Some people like Sudoku a lot more than me though.


Stella said...

I cant stand sudoku. i hate numbers though.

i also hate doing layouts for the collegian, for that matter.

Andrea Murray said...

Ah, I hate numbers too. But it's more like logic so I can do it. And actually like it? I know it's strange.

Layouts are annoying.

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