Monday, September 29, 2008

NYtimes vs. Drudge vs. Huffington

I'm checking, Drudge Report and Huffington Post at around 5:30 pm.

I've been here for about 45 minutes and none of them have updated so far but they are all focusing on the story of the $700 billion dollar bailout not passing.

Huff focuses more on it being a failure on President Bush and nominee McCain's part.

I'll check back in a few more hours.

EDIT: 8:30 pm. NYtimes and HuffPost both changed their pictures but keep the same story/headline. Drudgereport has stayed the same.


EDIT: 12:47 am. Drudge Report hasn't changed - headline says "DOWN IN FLAMES."
Huffpost now says "THE BUSH ECONOMY - Dow Jones lower today than first day of Bush's presidency."
NYtimes has same headline, has changed their picture to a graphic of the stock market at close.

EDIT: 10:50 am - Drudge Report's healdine reads "CALM RETURNS" (to the market.)
NYtimes says "BUSH URGES CONGRESS TO PASS BAILOUT" (after it was rejected yesterday,

Very interesting they all made the same story yesterday but now each of the aftermath stories are taking new directions. Huff is concentrating on it hurting McCain's image. NYtimes seems sort of hopeful and non blaming. Drudge seems to think it's all fine and dandy.

While looking online about the founder of Drudge I found some claims that he might be sort of right leaning. Within the headlines I can see NYtimes tries to be unbiased, Huff is definitely left and Drudge does seem to support the right more.

Here's Mass State Rep Barney Frank speaking on the rejection of the bailout.

EDIT: 2:20 pm
NYtimes is the only one who changed their top story. They are now saying senate leaders and pledging to work toward a quick bailout plan.

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