Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pushing Daisies

Ah, so, tonight was the season two premiere of ABC's Pushing Daisies.
I started watching the show last season, mostly online, then caught the last couple episodes on TV. There were only 9 episodes in the first season thanks to the writer's guild strike. I thought not too many people were into it, people I knew at least. I really got into it though.

ABC has been promoting it for weeks though. I had been worried it wouldn't get a second season because it started during the strike.

On E! there is an article with spoilers for the season.

I had been anticipating tonight since... oh last February.

The show was nominated for 12 Emmy Awards this year.

The premise is that Ned, a pie shop owner, can bring back people from the dead with his touch. The only catch is if the un-dead is alive for more than 60 seconds, someone else must die in replacement. Also, after the 60 seconds, if Ned every touches them again they will be dead again forever. Emerson Cod, a private detective, accidentally discovers Ned's secret and convinces him to solve murder cases with him by questioning the dead. In the first episode he brought his childhood sweetheart back to life.

Wikipedia tells me that the idea of the show is based off of Bishop Severus of Naples who supposedly brought a man back to life to solve a fraud case.

Anywho - one of the best shows on TV in my opinion. Reminds me of a cross between one of my all time favorites, Six Feet Under, a now deceased HBO show and the art direction of French film Amelie. Love the story lines, love the characters, love the sets, love the camera work! What's not to love actually?

Here's a promo clip for season 2, hopefully you can get a feel of the show from it.


Scott Brodeur said...

Andrea, I know you included an embedded video on this clip, but where could you have quoted from and linked out? Maybe you could have gone to the forum on a site like Televison Without Pity or a review of the new season by some critic somewhere.

In genreal, look for more ways to quote and link out.

Andrea Murray said...

I linked out to an E! article about the new season. Or do you mean I should have gone further and linked to a few different articles.

I should have maybe blockquoted from that.

I'll try to use blockquotes and link to more articles this week.

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