Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friends and Facebook

On the note of Scott Brodeur's last entry, I found the article he posted from the NYtimes about the Facebook friend experiment to hit home.

After a week the responses stopped coming in and were ready to be tabulated. Fifteen people said they were attending, and 60 said maybe. A few hundred said not, and the rest just ignored the invitation altogether. I figured that about 20 people would show up. That sounded pretty good to me. Twenty potential new friends.

I just made an event for the first party I'll be having at my apartment this year. So I myself have invited about 68 people I believe. My roomates will invite more I suspect. I want it to be a big party, but people are so weird.

Currently 9 are confirmed to attend, and 8 are maybe, 2 not attending. The maybes bug me because a few of them I am actually close to and it makes me annoyed because they really might not come.

I do have faith in those who are confirmed so far.

I also went the old fashioned route and called people up and left voicemails inviting them. Some of them don't even have facebook, makes you work harder ha.

Keeping in mind that people are generally flaky about coming to events... I made sure to plan it far in advance so I don't have to deal with people saying they are already busy. Now they have no excuse not to come because it's November 15th.

Who shows up to my parties totally shows who my real friends are ha. Within reaoson of course, I can't expect all of my friends from home to be able to make it.

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