Friday, October 17, 2008

Screen Printing #2

This is essentially what my image is going to look like, except that the phone will be in a half tone.

So at this point in the semester I have one screen print done, and I'm about to print my second one. The first process was done a different way, with drawing fluid, applying the fluid directly to the screen with a paintbrush.

This time we used a machine called an "Exposure Unit" to expose our screens, applying a coat of photo emulsion on to the screen. Then we taped a vegetable oil covered xerox of our image onto the screen. Magic works in the exposure unit and after 2 minutes your image is on the screen! You just rinse it out.

So maybe it's more complicated than that, but it would never make sense to you unless you saw the machine. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to try and explain it better. There is the whole part where after applying photo emulsion to the screen, you must wait 2 hours for it to dry before you can expose your screen.

Luckily wikipedia breaks it down for those interested. The process on here is very similar to what we did, though not 100% accurate.

I'm really getting into screen printing and I'm very proud of this second image. My concept for the semester is dealing with the concepts of distance and closeness in the physical and mental capacities. This image is specifically about how technology affects feelings of closeness.

Kind of have an idea for the next print, but not really.

I'm officially sick by the way! I'm on antibiotics. I need sleep, now. Except I am going home tomorrow and then to NYC for SNL on Saturday! Gonna be worn out this weekend.

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