Monday, October 6, 2008

Say Hi To Your Mother For Me, Aight?

So, yes, there was a tina fey SNL palin debate opening this week. But really... I love this clip.

Andy Samberg is becoming a really great cast member. Here he is impersonating Mark Wahlberg and he NAILS the voice. It kills me. I've watched this about 5 times tonight.

Actually I might watch it once more before I go to sleep.


Scott Brodeur said...

Awesome clip. Like a lot of folks, I have not been watching SNL regularly for a number of years. The recent Tina Fey has brought me back, and I am struck by the fact that they seem to have significantly shortened the skits. Smart! This Wahlberg skit is less than two minutes. In the past, it might have gone on for twice that -- well past its point of being funny. Though as funny as you find this, Andrea, four minutes might hit the spot.

Andrea Murray said...

Oh, for many people, 4 minutes would hit the spot. But I have a bad habit of replaying clips over and over and laughing to myself.

Some of the skits are short, but some still do drag on past the point of being funny.

I found this one short and sweet though.

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