Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Daily Beast

Editor Tina Brown's new site.

I really like what I see on this site. I was starting to read a piece that was an open letter to John McCain from an Iraq vet.

Also the Cheat Sheet has a wide array of stories up, ones I hadn't heard of yet. So the content on this site has been at the least, refreshing.

NYtimes's headline this morning read something like "European Stock Market Collapsing Too!" but on thedailybeast, they choose to focus on Iceland which was an interesting angle.

The layout is great, I don't see it specifically leaning one way or another. I can see some balance, but maybe a little leftist.
The story called "The Enablers" is something I'm going to read later on. It's all about the congressmen and woman who enabled the mortgage meltdown to happen.

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