Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fox on a Trampline

I still use livejournal and I joined this very interesting "group" over the summer called wtf_nature. People post videos and pictures and info about weird animals or health/nature related thing.

Now I've heard of wild animals hanging out in backyards, but this is just ridiculous. This fox decided to use someone's giant trampoline and he LOVES it.



Scott Brodeur said...

That is a pretty awesome video. I am sharing it with my kids as I type!

Andrea Murray said...

haha thanks! The people in that community find the best stuff.

Melissa said...

I have a trampoline at home. And i often like to put my dogs on it, and then bounce them. I'm not sure if they like it or not, they tend to just sit there. But i think it's funny.

Andrea Murray said...

I am sure that they are at the least very surprised. haha

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