Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why I Hate Sarah Palin

RARRRRR! Are those her politician go-go boots?

Now, I'm going to tell you from the start of this, I don't claim to or think I am incredibly knowledgeable on politics. But I have been trying to keep up, watching a lot of interviews with Palin, or news pieces about her.

And what I really think is that I don't like her at all. Maybe hate is too harsh, as I don't know her personally.

My most recent frustration with this down home air head was her misquoting Madeleine Albright.

"Now she said it, I didn't," Palin said of Albright. "She said, ‘There's a place in hell reserved for women who don't support other women.'"

As it turns out, Palin misquoted both Albright and her mocha cup, which reads: "There's a place in hell reserved for women who don't help other women."

I know she is only in the McCain campaign as a cheap ploy to win swing voters over, or to enrage people on the same wave length as me. But her complete lack of professionalism frustrates me more than anything, the thought of her being next in line to lead the country is unbearable.

Really? SERIOUSLY? She couldn't even quote her "Starbucks mocha cup" correctly?

And she twisted the quote so much. Yes, all people who don't support you, all mighty Sarah Palin, must be going to hell. There you go pouring religion into politics! Isn't religion separate from state guys? C'mon.

If anything, Albright's true quote puts Palin in a bad light. How does not supporting other women having a right to choose help other women, Mrs. Palin? Please, Sarah Palin, help me out by taking away a right that other women had to fight for me to have, just because of your personal beliefs.

I mean, who wouldn't mind having a baby that came to be because of their father raping them, Sarah Palin could be there to support you the whole way! That would make it better!

From her non professional demeanor to her unprepared responses, I can't have one ounce of respect for this woman. If she seemed like a responsible and prepared candidate, I would be more supportive, but I can't just support her because she is a woman.

What REALLY has been getting my goat is people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View, staunch Republican supporters, claiming that Palin somehow (through a divine Christian miracle?) has more experience than Obama. Over at Comedy Central.com there is a great piece breaking down how Palin for sure entered politics after Obama did.

Not to mention the extreme hypocrisy of the McCain party for incessantly trying to put down Obama for lack of experience, compared to the "Maverick" himself. So instead of sticking to your guns of needing experience, you bring in someone less experienced than your opponent who you criticize for being inexperienced?!

It is a joke and an insult to all women, that she is "representing" us as any sort of presidential candidate. Someone who thinks her state's proximity to Russia qualifies as foreign policy experience. Someone who would love nothing more than to take choices away from other women.

Here is the video where Sarah Palin, bless her heart, tries to quote Madeleine Albright via her Starbucks mocha cup.

How do you feel about her? As a woman or just as a concerned citizen of the good ole U.S. of A. Do you think she's qualified? I'm interested if anyone who reads my blog supports her and why. Does she also make your blood boil?


weeefreckles said...

you go girlllll!

i love you and your political views. sarah palin is a devil, and i wouldn't be surprised if, by chance they get elected, she poisons mccain.


Stella said...

UGH yeah she frustrates me so much! I think the worst part is how unknowledgeable she is for a person who could someday be a vice president of the United States, let alone the PRESIDENT if something happens to McCain. It's so awful. so so so so awful.

She switched colleges like 4 times, eventually graduating in 5 years or so with a degree in journalism. Not to knock journalism or anything, but this is as far as her education extends. Her experience isn't that much better. ugh.

Yeah, about women's rights- she says she's all for this, yet wants to overturn Roe v. Wade (which is also the only Supreme Ct. case she can even identify).


Andrea Murray said...

Yes yes yes! I almost forgot about that. Even I can name more supreme court cases than her. Brown v. Board of Education? No? Palin didn't hear about that one?

She's just clueless.

Katelyn Haggerty said...

Check this out:


I was watching a video from some news broadcast, can't remember which one, but the reporter had been working in politics for 30-some odd years. He watched a clip of an interview with Sarah Palin and just said something like: that is the saddest response I have ever heard, in 30 years of working in politics.

Spread the word! All women, do not vote for this sad, sad representation of women!

Andrea Murray said...

Ah that Eve Ensler article is great ,Katelyn.

t.a. franco said...

Well put, Ms. Andrea.
Hopefully within this next month people will realize she is not equipped for the position of vice president.

Another thing that gets to me is the constant commentary on her appearance. Bill Clinton was quoted in the Herald saying how during the vp debate he turned down the volume and "focused on the important things." And then said "that is one hot governor."

Some may find her attractive, but that's not going to help her perform the duties of a vice president sufficiently.

RockTheSuburbs04 said...

here's an idea...let's give Palin a bunch of snapple caps and see what fun facts she can work into her speeches from now until the election.

nostringsblog said...

Back home I drive a cab on weekends for work, and there's this guy I work with who seemed like a decent guy, until he revealed his hideous political and world views. Chief among those that have changed my level of respect for this guy: He actually thinks Palin is more qualified than Obama. One of his main "points" is that she's "commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard." I pointed out that since the entire time she's been Governor, the nation has been "at war" and she actually doesn't command them at all, but it didn't seem to make any difference. He kept spewing on and on about how she was the real change this country needed. I was too busy throwing up to respond.

I falter a little when faced with whether or not to use the word "hate" when I talk about Sarah Palin and McCain, and many other people in politics today. As a decent human being, I guess I can't really say I "hate" them; if I were driving along the highway and saw one of them on the side of the road in a horrible accident, I would stop and help even though I may hate their politics and think that the country may in fact be better off without them anywhere near power, but if that's my barometer for whether I hate someone or not, there aren't many people I can really say I hate. That said, I guess I should say Palin frightens me, on the same level or worse than Bush frightened and still does frighten me. At least Bush had the brains to surround himself with capable, albeit corrupt and war-mongering people. I can't forgive what any of them have done to our country, but I don't think Palin has the brains to organize even a bad administration.

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