Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jens Lekman

Yesterday I got two invites for the same event on Facebook. A Jens Lekman concert being held at Northampton high school for only $8.

The show is being held to benefit Clara Gardener, a Northampton teen that lost both of her legs in a car accident this past August.

"We all love her and care about her so much, that we need to step up and we are," says crew teammate, Kierstin Knightly.

Clara Gardner, the 17 year old soon to be senior suffered some serious injuries that led to both legs being amputated at the knees. She was hit by an alleged drunk driver as she was loading a car at the Amtrak station in Springfield.

"I couldn't imagine the pain she was in when she was pinned between the two cars," Knightly says.

The show has been set up last minute due to Lekman's proximity to Northampton during his tour. Lekman is a 27 year-old Swedish pop/folk singer who has become quite popular in recent years. I had always heard of him, but never listened. When I received the invite for the concert I decided to give a listen and I really like it. His singing style at times reminds me of The Magnetic Fields.

I'll be there Saturday.

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