Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday Night Live Dress Rehearsal

I went to New York City for the day on Saturday to see the dress rehearsal of Saturday Night Live.

During the day my friend Kira and I went to NBC to take the studio tour. We saw the nightly news studio and the SNL studio. I learned some very interesting facts.

Only 2% of people who apply for SNL tickets get them.
The audience only sees about 60% of the skits. Some of the other stages built the audience can't directly see, and you watch them on monitors.

On Friday morning I learned that Sarah Palin would be on the show. It was strange being in the same room as her... she wasn't funny, except maybe when she danced.

Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin also made appearances.

I'm interested to go back and watch the "live" episode and see what sketches they cut.
They tape the dress rehearsal and use them if the live version didn't come out as well.

Oh... and I got an NBC Page's number.

Honestly I've been sick and really stressed out... I'll probably write some more about this later. Sorry my posts have been lacking.


nostringsblog said...

I probably would have been arrested if I was in the same room as Palin.

Stella said...

hahah . ditto

Andrea Murray said...

ha well. i love SNL, it was a bit more important to me that i didn't get kicked out of the studio.

brianpalooza said...

I downloaded the episode if you wanna watch it. theres some little differences in the sketches, fun to pick out cause we were there.

Also, they cut out the jail sketch with fred armisen and and the porn shop robbery with kristen wiig and bill hader. both were really funny, im a little bummed about it.

Andrea Murray said...

yeah i heard fart face stayed but the jialhouse and the pornshop robbery didn't?

Surprising. I'd love to watch it.

Rob said...

Do you have any tips on getting tickets? Sounds like its pretty hard to get them..


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