Friday, October 10, 2008


Today the article I told you that I was writing before ran in the Daily Collegian. I wrote a profile piece of the father of western Massachusetts blogging, Tom Devine.

Here's the intro to my story:

You've probably seen him hanging around the Haigis Mall; a man about the age of your father, in his daily uniform: a worn baseball cap, a ratty T-shirt, some classic blue jeans and usually some well-loved Converse Chuck Taylors. Thomas "Tommy" Devine was a student the University of Massachusetts in the late 1970s, during its party hey day. Now, Devine is known as the "father" of the western Massachusetts blogosphere. He never did finish his degree at UMass, but still went on to become influential in the Pioneer Valley.

I hope you'll read the story, I linked it above. Devine's life is a very interesting one.

It's funny because I just bumped into him at the W.E.B. Du Bois library, while he's making his daily blog post himself.

I have a couple other articles in the works now, one potential one that will run in the Arts and Living section about my trip to NYC next week to see SNL. I'll chronicle my time there, touring the NBC studio, how I got the tix etc.

The other story will be a feature for my section about the Flywheel in Easthampton. The music venue was a staple to the local scene for years. They moved out of their old location and have yet to finish remodeling the old town hall in Easthampton to re-open in.

Running my own section of the paper this year has been interesting. I hope if anyone in class wants to write features stories that they'll contact me! I need stories guys!

This blog was getting really politically heavy... so I hope today and yesterday lightened it up a bit.

here's another SNL skit for chuckles.


Katelyn Haggerty said...

wow, good story. i will defnitely check out his blog.

SNL? NYC? hope that's as amazing as it sounds!

Andrea Murray said...

Thank you!

I'm pretty excited for SNL and NYC. Think I might hit up some museums while i'm there.

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