Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Cat in the House

The two cats of my house. Bailey is the big brown one, Owen is the little orange one.

So my old roommate moved out and a new one, Molly, moved in. She has a cat named Owen, about 6 months old. My cat, Bailey, already lives here and has now since last September. Needless to say, Bailey pretty much feels that he owns the place.

So the first time they met, about a week ago, wasn't too pretty even though Bailey is generally a very friendly and happy cat. We each held each of our cats in our arms and got as close as we could to one another. Extreme hissing.

Later we set them both free. This was when I heard probably the strangest noise that my cat had ever made. Never before had he sounded like this. This youtube clip pretty much sums up how my cat sounded, except he might have sounded even angrier.

when the cat says "why i eyes ya", is what Bailey sounded like ha.

Luckily, they have warmed up to eachother. The first week was hell though. This Monday Bailey let Owen lay on my bed with him. Since then they seem to be getting along swimmingly.

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