Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Instapundit v. Daily Kos Coverage

Today is election day and many news outlets online and paper have been covering an immense amount of stories up to the this day. More often than not, these online outlets show an overt lean to the far left or far right.

On this post I will be taking a look at the coverage of the election race on two online news outlets, Dailykos.com and Instapundit.com.

The Daily Kos blatantly glorifies Obama. On their front page is an AP video of Obama voting. They refer to "our candidate" in which they make it obvious that they mean Obama.

"What a difference two years of hard, smart campaigning makes."

This came from a story where they show a poll from 2 years ago showing that Obama only had IL, DC and HI then. They really glorify the Obama campaign here.

Both sites are confident that "their candidate" will win, aka Obama for Daily Kos and McCain for Instapundit.

Instapundit looks distinctly republican just in the design of their site. They seem to be covering stories in direct opposite view of Daily Kos.

There is less info on Instapundit, more just link outs. Instapundit also did not focus solely on the presidential race, they featured many other stories.

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