Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Tongues

Saves The Day has been my all-time favorite band since sophomore year of high school. I've listened to a bit of Say Anything, though not my favorite. I recently learned that two members from each group have formed a sort of super group called "Two Tongues." The group consists of Chris Conley and David Soloway of Saves The Day and Max Bemis and Coby Linder of Say Anything.

On their myspace, Max Bemis said:
"Chris has been my favorite songwriter since I was 15. Ten years later he is now is one of my closest friends. The Two Tongues record is really an expression of the yin and yang; how two "opposite" souls stimulate and battle each other in any truly loving relationship."
Once I met Chris Conley and it was the best day ever. I am planning to get a Saves The Day related tattoo in the early spring.

I like the new song, here it is as a still youtube video. The song is called "Crawl"

The record won't drop till February 3, 2009.

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