Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Internship #2!

There's nothing I love more than a good unpaid internship.

As this semester comes to a close, I have been looking into an internship to have in place of classes next semester. I have no requirements left besides R1 Math, which I will take the exemption test for.

I just found out no less than 5 minutes ago that I will indeed be an Arts and Features Intern at the Daily Hampshire Gazette next semester.

This is my second internship and it will be very different than my last one. Over the summer I interned at Boston's Weekly Dig as an Arts and Entertainment Intern.

First of all, the Dig is a weekly publication, and the Gazette is obviously daily. That in itself will be interesting to see the change in environment with.

I got a few writing opportunities at the Dig, but they were smaller articles. I know that at the Gazette I will get to do much more in depth stories. The Gazette is also a much more serious publication than the Dig.

My first week at the Dig, the News Editor Cara Bayles sent me an e-mail something to the effect of "In the future, you can swear. Welcome to the Dig." I used words like fuck, shit, and internet lingo like (!!!), LOL, ROFL, etc. in these articles. They'd probably have sent back whatever I wrote if it didn't have a swear or some sarcastic remark in it.

I like both of these styles of writing, but it will be a very different atmosphere. The Dig was very young, I would say I never saw a person in the office over 40, mostly in their early 30s though. I expect the Gazette to have a very diverse range of people.

Anyhow, I already see internship paying off for me, my resume is getting quite bulky and it makes me a bit more hopeful for a good job even though I will more than likely be graduating in a terrible job market.

I have my first assignment for the Dig to cover a theatrical production when I am home for Thanksgiving break. Money! sweet freelancing money... it will be a 400 word piece on this. I know from filing freelance worksheets for them over the summer that the freelance world is not that lucrative.


Stella said...

ah i did an internship at the Gazette this summer and over winter break last year! It was really good, I had a lot of hands-on experience. They gave me a bunch of stories every week and I even got paid to write a couple freelance things. Any Qs let me know!

Andrea Murray said...

Thanks Stella! What position did you do?

Melissa said...

Internships are fun. I've got one for next semester at!

Andrea Murray said...

Oh nice! The owner of Gonomad came into my magazine writing class last year. That sounds like a fun internship. Good luck with it!

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