Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Dutchess and The Duke

Over the summer when I interned at the Dig I often times got to open and sort the mail for the Arts Editor. I would listen to any CD that sounded promising, so when The Dutchess and The Duke's She's the Dutches and He's the Duke showed up, I popped it in. I probably briefly read their press release and it sounded promising. They sound very similar to the Rolling Stones except also with a girl and a bit more folky like Bob Dylan. I love classic rock from that era and The Dutchess and The Duke's sound is refreshing compared to a lot of newer music.

They hail from Seattle, WA.

Here is a video of them performing live at Criminal Records.


Scott Brodeur said...

I love this! They are now at the top of my download list. Thanks for linking to it.

Andrea Murray said...

No problem, glad to get the word out on'em. Good stuff.

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