Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Put a Ring On It

I was starting to wonder what happened to good old Beyonce. Her singles are always really fun. She is dropping a new album this month and her first single off the dance CD of her double disc is called "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)."

Honestly i can't stop listening to it. My roomie and I are trying to learn the dance hahaha. Failing miserably so far but having fun doing it. The dancing is crazyyy.

i guess last Saturday SNL spoofed the video, with Beyonce but the back up dancers were Andy Samberg, Justin Timberlake and newcomer Bobby Moynihan. Someone had put it on youtube where it garnered over 600,000 hits but NBC had them take it down, yet they haven't posted it to yet! i have only seen small clips of it, but it looks good.

Beyonce's video.

E!News has some of the clip in this online feature.


Drew said...

Hah, I saw the picture at the beginning of the post and was going to give Beyonce props for having average-to-chubby white guys in unflattering attire in her video, but then I read the rest of your post. Still, pretty good, but it would have rocked if Beyonce had done it first.
It seems like SNL has been getting a little better these days; for a long time I couldn't stand anything they produced, but I've been consistently impressed lately. Maybe I need to start watching it again.

Andrea Murray said...

Yeah I started watching SNL clips this summer and I was all hyped for this season and it's really been great. Even some of the new featured players are pretty awesome.

It would have been great if Beyonce actually did it, ha, but i think she takes herself too seriously.

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