Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grappling With Instability

Grappling With Instability

I found a nice photo gallery on NYTimes.com entitled Grappling with Instability. The photos center around the conflict happening in Congo between rebel forces and the government.

I thought this was a powerful gallery because the images from Congo are ones that I rarely get the chance to see. I think photo galleries or audio sideshows in general are really essential for many readers to connect emotionally with an event.

Since August, the forces of Laurent Nkunda, the rebel general, have been battling Congolese government troops. Fighting climaxed last week, with rebel forces poised to seize Goma, the strategic city in eastern Congo. Congolese fled areas of fighting.

The captions are short and sweet, allowing a taste of the story, but is more fulfilling visually and emotionally than reading a large article about the same subject.

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